Sanitary & CP

The bathroom is that place where you find yourself, where you show your true self, natural, without filters. It is that place where you establish the rules, where you shape the world that surrounds you. It encompasses the vanity where you reactivate every morning and the space where you disconnect at the end of the day, where the most intimate confidences and your magical moments with your loved ones intertwine.

Home360 presents most trusted brands in sanitary ware -Roca & Glocera. They are perfectly aware that your bathroom space does not always have the same function. Sometimes it can become a haven, other times a playroom, it can be a place for two or your best kept secret. As they know that the bathroom is a great partner of your everyday life, they work to offer solutions tailored to your lifestyle and personality, from the most innovative designs to state-of-the-art technology at the service of wellbeing.