Modular Kitchen

The kitchen is said to be the heart of every home. Modular kitchen has become more popular lately. It is a layout consisting of number of cabinets to hold different kitchen accessories in different sections mainly divided into two; the wall section and the floor section which are attached to the wall and near the rooftop basically.

As the space is limited in the apartments and houses Modular kitchen save us lot of space and adds creativity to your kitchen and gives you the best modular kitchen design. Saving your time with modular kitchen is also a thing which use distinctive combination of designs and sizes. This type of kitchens are very comfortable and convenient to work in and especially with different cabinets which is constructed to keep the handy kitchen accessories nearby.

Home 360 offers you quality modular kitchen with diverse designs, modular kitchen fittings and in different color which would suit your taste and accord with your home decor. with our polished and clean modular kitchen design we turn your kitchen space into an well looked kitchen. With our long lasting quality and easily assemble modular kitchen which is moveable to a new place whenever we like, Home 360 will provide you with our best services.

Home360 provides you with different style, mainly the following :

L- shaped: Have a small house or apartment? L- shaped layout is probably the best to enhance your kitchen space. As the name goes by, the kitchen is in L shape set up in two walls of your kitchen and the stove and wash basin is placed on either of the walls.

U- shaped: This kitchen is in U shape and three walls are used for the set up and the smallest wall usually carries the stove i.e the wall between the two parallel walls. This kitchen layout saves you a lot of space.

Straight: This type of kitchen layout is set up in a straight wall and the kitchen appliances like the stove, wash basin, fridge, etc are in a straight line.

Island: The name itself sounds unique. This kitchen layout is a ongoing trend which have a breakfast table in the kitchen itself, basically placed in the center of the kitchen.

Parallel: It is a parallel shaped kitchen is a set up of two long working areas on two parallel walls and each wall can be used according to your convenience.