Modular Range of Switches has set a new paradigm of design and durability in the market of switches. The Crabtree range is absolutely unique in its designing and finishing, without negotiating on the quality part. It offers a variety of switch cover plates including the Crests with multiple design options and colourful cover plates. Apart from their fancy switch plates, the Crabtree range has all sorts of switch modules, socket modules and support modules to suit your electrical requirements.


Almost every electrical device and system in your home can be automated, Managed via a smart device or DLP panel, centralized or autonomous control has never been so easy. This provides you with improved convenience, comfort, and energy efficiency. Think of a Crabtree home automation system as a unseen housekeeper, who’s always there to give you a helping hand.

Planning to buy the best automated security systems for your newly owned home, Home360 deals with prominent brand for the latest home automation products,offers smart system solutions for operating electrical devices while saving on energy too. Crabtree offers the best buy range of home automation products which are efficient to operate electrical devices as well as conserve energy.

We have all the smart solutions for your lighting, security and other wireless automation requirements. The home automation products comprise of sensors, customizable panels, wireless module, and video door phone. Its smart range of sensors include outdoor sensors, temperature and humidity sensors, air quality sensors, ceiling mount PIR sensors and many more to automate your lives. Now operate all your lighting, and electrical devices through remote control with just a press of button.

The automation systems also offer customizable panels, ranging from Enviro panels, Itouch panels, DLP series panels to Iflex panels, which can be customized according to the user’s requirements. Together with wireless gateway modules, We have the best range of home security products on offer. Other than these are Video Door Phone Kits which are designed and developed to the best of industry standards. Buy the wireless, energy efficient automated security systems by Crabtree and be relaxed for the safety of your loved ones and your home!