Trends In Tiling: Mixed Reality & The Latest Flooring Designs

When talking about trends in tiling these days, the conversation can surround two different ideas: coming changes in the industry, and the latest popular flooring designs. In this piece I’ll touch briefly on both, first looking at a few changes we should expect in tiling and home design, and then looking at some of the nicer tile designs and concepts people are enjoying in 2019.

Changes In Tiling

It would feel wrong at this point to talk about any trends in tiling without mentioning the fact that mixed reality is poised to drastically impact the industry. The term applies to both virtual and augmented reality, which are effectively two versions of similar technology that allow us to visualize 3D elements and environments as if they’re in real space. Mixed reality really reached the public through gaming, but to give you an idea of its reach – and potential impact in home design – there are a few other applications people are getting excited about.

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